Discover a part of Belgium where few tourists venture, but where the adventurous traveler will find charming villages, beautiful landscapes, warm hospitality and a distinct culture. Just over the border, Dutch Limburg has historical ties to its Belgian counterpart.

Limburg Province is home to Tongeren, the oldest city in Belgium, with its original Roman walls and the award-winning Gallo-Roman Museum. The capital, Hasselt, has a pedestrian-friendly historic center with chic boutiques, gourmet restaurants and a Japanese garden.

Limburg also encompasses a large part of Haspengouw, a rich agricultural region known for its fruit orchards. In the spring, the hills are covered with the fragrant and delicate blooms of apple, pear and cherry trees. It’s a popular area for cycling and day hikes.

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Limburg Tours

A Taste of Hasselt: The capital of Belgian Limburg is known for its excellent taste–in food, fashion and everything else. Sample the best that Hasselt has to offer, from handmade chocolates to the local jenever (aka “Dutch gin”).

Hasselt By Bike: One of the best ways to explore Limburg is by bike. Visit the historic city center, then head out along the bike path network to Herkenrode Abbey and the Japanese Garden, the largest in Europe.

Historic Tongeren: Founded in the first century A.D., Tongeren still has its Roman walls, as well as a charming begijnhof, an imposing medieval basilica and 2000 years of history. On Sundays, one of the best antique markets in the Low Countries fills the streets.

Multifaceted Maastricht: Another city founded by the Romans, Maastricht is a lovely destination for sightseeing, shopping or just enjoying a drink in one of its numerous cafés and restaurants.

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